Basic Steps in Taking Care of Our Voices

As singers, our voice is our number one priority and losing it can only mean one thing for us: end of career. It is our paramount concern when we list all of the things that we need to take care of. Now, with all the things that we’re doing for our career and also for our lives outside singing, there are times that we don’t notice that the activities we’re getting engaged with are quite detrimental to our most prized possession.singing-maricris

If you’re looking for proven and tested tips on how to take care of our golden voices, stay right where you are right now. I’ll be teaching you my personal tips and methods on how I take care of my voice. Let’s get started!

Stay hydrated

Water, water, and water. I cannot stress enough how important water is for our vocal cords. Fluids lubricate our throats which make it easier for us and for our vocal cords to function properly. We can also notice that dry throat or mouth makes it difficult for us even just for a simple talk.

Avoid vices

Smoking and drinking alcohol are bad not only for our health but also for our throat and voices. Alcohol causes an irritation to our throat’s mucous membranes that protect its walls while smoking irritates our vocal cords and your chances of developing cancer in your throat increases if you smoke. We don’t want that, do we?

Health is truly wealth

Eating healthy food helps our voice and our throat as it keeps the mucous membrane in our throat healthy as well. Also, avoid spicy food as it contributes in our stomach acid going up to our throats that can cause GERD or heartburn. Getting enough rest is important because if our body is tired, it affects our voice as well. Lastly, exercise helps a lot in building our stamina good muscle toning which results to good posture. Having good posture helps in achieving proper breathing.

Skip singing if you’re sick

Whenever you have flu, your nose, throat and lungs are suffering and singing during this time will only put more stress to your vocal cords that can result to losing your voice. Yikes!

Limit the use of mouthwash that contains alcohol

Basically, these mouthwashes or gargles contain alcohol that can irritate or dry out our throats. If it’s really necessary for you to use a mouthwash, use a water and salt solution instead. It will still clean and disinfect your mouth without the harmful effects of alcohol.

Don’t talk too much

Before and after performance. Talking too much before performance will tire your voice and throat which will push it to work double time during your performance. Better save your voice for the performance itself and for days that you don’t have to sing extensively. Don’t also think that just because your performance is finished, you can now talk non- stop to thank everyone who congratulated you for your spectacular singing. Give time for your voice to rest after your performance and save all the stories that you’re itching to tell your friend for some other time.

Just follow these tips and surely, you’ll be able to enjoy your voice much longer.