The term ‘pop’ comes from the word “popular”, which is why pop music is any music that produces hits, hence earns popularity. The billboard hot 100 lists the latest hits in pop music culture and gets updated every week. The pop mantra is simple, catchy lyrics, a good rhythm, and a chorus. Pop songs define the taste of today’s generation, and somewhat the previous one.

Michael Jackson is a name that ‘pops’ into mind when this genre is brought into discussion. It’s safe to say that MJ defined pop culture for generations to come and due to this massive achievement; he thoroughly deserves the ‘king of pop’ title to his name.

Current day pop superstars include singers of the likes of Justin Bieber and pop bands like One Direction that captivate the hearts of millions around the globe. Pop superstars are highly appreciated, followed and they tend to develop a very fast fan following nowadays.

All you need to be a pop superstar is good vocals, impressive lyrics, appealing composition and yes, decent editing and marketing strategies. The voice of superstar singers is not that important for you to be a good pop singer. All you need is to follow the pop mantra, and compose good music that will elevate to the next level.

Whether it’s Katy Perry, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Iggy Azalea or Eminem, once you have a name in the pop industry, you are a star.

Pop music is the future of the music as suggested by various popstars. Some say that pop will be mixed and mashed up along with rock and classic to create a new genre. But the basic spirit of pop is never expected to fade away soon. The greatest living proof of the future of pop lies in the fact that all hit songs of classic, jazz, rock or any other genre are remixed to create a pop theme for their fans.